Self-Tracking Projects Review


Find 3-5 examples of projects that relate to self-tracking and the quantified self and write a 1. short summary description of the project, 2. the project’s broader significance, and 3. why it is interesting to you. When possible, speak to the project implementation as a way to catalog useful methodologies.

  1. The Dress for Respect dress registers harassment in the form of unwanted touch, which 86% of Brazilian women have experienced according to the research referenced in the video.
    It does so by embedded touch sensors in the dress.
  2. This visualization of data is very interesting, and as a women I feel that this is an important project since it makes apparent something which is otherwise invisible. This is a great example of why #meToo is necessary.
  3. This is interesting to me on a personal level because of the embedded / invisible sensors. I think that self-tracking where

  1. “Environment Dress is a piece of smart clothing that uses a number of sensors to measure the aggressiveness of our surrounding environs, detected environmental variables and alerting us to them. Our body’s natural sensors are unable to measure and anticipate factors such as an increase in ultraviolet radiation, dust or noise, and others”. The idea is that a protective shield is raised whenever pollution levels raise above a certain level. It works for noise pollution and UV radiation. It is paired with a smartphone app to establish whether the pollution is currently desired (e.g. the environment could have loud noise for a good reason).
  2. The look is a little much, though it does raise attention to the rising pollution levels we live with daily. So the idea is great.
  3. I think this is interesting because I like alternative means of visualizing data or rather the outcome of collected data. And though this project is more on a prototype level, the very in-your-face outcome of this data is nice.

  1. The year in pixels: “How was your day today ? This year I decided to track my days and making a pixel picture of 2016”. Here each color corresponds to a mood. 
  2. I like this visualization because we often pass through life and forget about the good days, or when we think life is hard it becomes this overshadowing thing. So this way we can truly see how our days have been. It is super simple but very effective.
  3. As far as self-tracking goes, this is easy to maintain, which I care about a lot.