Data Double Collection

A1.1 — Data Double Collection

While we will be working on beginning a practice of data collection starting specifically during this course, we will also be looking back into our personal histories by examining our “data doubles” – the manifestations of ourselves reflected in the data we’ve produced.


For this assignment I decided to have a look at the data of services I have used for a long time, so I requested downloads of all data from Amazon (since I have moved between countries this should be interesting), Linkedin (I’m not expecting too much interesting stuff from this one), Facebook (this one I expect to be downright scary) and Instagram (I’ve only recently begun to really use this one, though I am a long time user, so it’ll be exciting to see what they have.)


The data was generated for me immediately for download. I could not find the link to do it on their site though, so after going to most of the menus on the user settings and in the bottom (this is where I expect to find such a thing), I googled it and through this how to, I could find it on the site:

Outcome: A pretty boring dataset of everything (22 items) I have ever bought since 2008, shipped to 5 different adresses and with a median spending value of around $40.

Some notable features or things worth exploring include: I don’t think there is anything interesting here.



This data was received the day after I requested it (Settings -> Privacy -> Download your data).

Outcome: A huge data set of all of my connections incl. workplace and title, all of my contacts incl phone number and email with the interesting title on column “Source”: User_create, Mobile_contacts, Google_contacts, Abook_import. Every message I have ever sent to anyone + replies were there too. The Registration file contains the name of who initially invited me to Linkedin back on March 5 2012. The rest are just the data that I have written for my profile.

Some notable features or things worth exploring include: I do not remember having given permission for this app to access my phone contacts.


The data was generated for me immediately for download account. Settings -> Your facebook information.

Outcome: Just as scary as I though. A very extensive data set. Every photo and video I ever put up or was tagged in by others. Every comment I ever made, every post. Every add I interacted with…. the list goes on. I’m going to make comments on the most interesting ones.

About_you -> your_address_books – this contains info on name of people apparently from my messages and calls on my phone!? I have never let facebook have access to this, I have explicitly clicked no to them synching my contacts SO many times, because I have friends who are not on FB and don’t want to be, so what the hell FB. When clicking info on this you get a message with soooo many links on how to turn it off. They are not going to make that easy huh (sorry about the Danish, but notice amount of links).

“Du har muligvis overført andre oplysninger om disse kontakter ud over telefonnumrene nedenfor, f.eks. kælenavne. Du kan se de pågældende oplysninger ved at gå til Hjælp. Hvis du vil stoppe løbende overførsel af dine kontakter, skal du slå overførsel af kontakter fra i Facebook Lite-appen eller i Facebook-appen. Hvis du vil stoppe løbende overførsel af din opkalds- og beskedhistorik, skal du slå overførsel af opkalds- og beskedhistorikken fra i Facebook Lite. Ved at slå disse indstillinger fra slettes alle dine tidligere overførte kontakter eller din opkalds- og beskedhistorik i Messenger.”

ads -> ads_interests – most of this is right. Some is very wrong. I do not like baseball or car racing.

events -> your_event_responses. This one made me so nostalgic. And also, if I ever want to know what I did around the time my mom died back in 2008 fb’s got my back… not sure how I feel about this. It’s nice and not nice at the same time, since I want to remember but would never ever keep a diary.

location – is empty! I’m very happy about this, they didn’t snatch that without my knowing.


Some notable features or things worth exploring include:

fb has Every comment I have ever made since 2008. That is a lot. And not weird but… with better algorithms being released all the time they can look for a lot of patterns based on that and my posts. This might be interesting for me to explore for myself.

rejected_friend_requests – this might be really interesting, who do I not want to be friends with on facebook – how many of these profiles have actually been real people. removed_friends is equally interesting. sent_friend_requests only contains 3 people, so apparently I am not the one who requests people.




The data was generated for me immediately for download account -> privacy_and_security -> data download

Outcome: A very extensive data set. Every message I have ever sent to anyone + replies. All photos, ordered by data (very neat). Around 20 most recent searches. Also every story I have ever made (I am actually excited about this, I thought they were lost and the stuff I share there isn’t private in any way so that is not a problem).

Some notable features or things worth exploring include: When I connected with people over time is interesting. What / who I “like” the most.

On a note, going through this one made me realize that whatever I share remains out there.


EDIT today (monday) I remembered I have snapchat too:

If I get this before class I’ll update. Mostly I am just interested in seeing if they have in fact saved my content, despite the ephemeral nature of the app.

Snapchat’s list of stuff:

✓ Login History and Account Information
· Basic Information
· Device Information
· Device History
· Login History
· Two-factor Authentication
· Account Deactivated/Reactivated
✓ Snap History
· Received Snap History
· Sent Snap History
✓ Chat History
· Received Chat History
· Sent Chat History
✓ Our Story and Crowd-Sourced Content
✓ Purchase History
· In-App Purchases
· On Demand Geofilters
✓ Snapchat Support History
✓ User Profile
· App Profile
· Demographics
· Engagement
· Discover Channels Viewed
· Ads You Interacted With
· Interest Categories
· Web Interactions
· App Interactions
✓ Friends
· Friends List
· Friend Requests Sent
· Blocked Users
· Deleted Friends
✓ Ranking
· Numbers of Stories Viewed
· Content Interests
✓ Account History
· Display Name Change
· Mobile Number Change
· Password Change
· Snapchat Linked to Bitmoji
· Email Change
· Spectacles
✓ Location History
· Frequent Locations
· Latest Location
· Top Locations
· Map Explore
· Locations You Have Visited
✓ Search History
✓ Terms History
✓ Subscriptions
✓ Bitmoji