Reflection on self-tracking

A1.3: Blog Post: Reflection

Write a short reflection about what your current relationship with self-tracking (e.g. hopes, dreams, perceptions), questions you have about self-tracking and how it could help or harm you, and how you hope the course will help facilitate your interests. Write about which questions you’ve identified to track, how you plan to track those variables of interest, and what challenges you expect to encounter as well as what you hope to learn.


Relationship with self-tracking

I do not self-track. The closest is my to do list, which I keep in Notes on my macbook, as I complete tasks throughout every day I delete them from the list. I do not keep track of how much stuff I complete, though I have noticed (it’s impossible not to), that the success rate of how I feel at the end of each day is comparable to the amount of stuff I crossed off, and that my max amount of things is 3. If I put more than that I won’t get it done and I’ll feel sad or unfulfilled.

I have a healthy relationship with my to-do though, so if I can see I won’t make it, I just move it to another day and I feel fine again.

So I guess I do not self-track consciously.


I am afraid it would harm me

I already have such a focus on getting many things “off my plate” in a day, but I am afraid getting a graph of my “productivity” would have counter productive effect. I would feel like I am never productive enough. Instead I choose to live with how it is now, its not too much not too little tracking.


Creativity could be interesting

I am trying to do more creative things every day, since they make me feel more happy (for the longest time my sole focus has been getting good grades and getting funding for going to ITP, so I have kinda lost focus on what I wanted to create). I don’t know how I might track this, but I would love some input. I would love to see into my brain also in relation to this, so if there’s a device I could wear that somehow does that and correlates with creativity?

I expect my biggest challenge will be doing any form of self reporting, so its needs to be sensor based.

I also want to vizualize data

What I am mostly hoping to get out of thes class is a strong skill in data visualization. I have a data set from a close acquaintance that I would like to visualize. It shows every car he ever owned since the 70s and the gas + mileage + price for every time he purchased gas. I also have every penny he ever spent as a data set.

I want to make a meaningful visualization for him to see his life like that since he is so proud of it!

This data is 100% self reported in a journal, so my approach vs his approach is definitely interesting too.