My first database – selfie app

A4: Drawing Connections


  • submit data to your local data store each day; preferably more often, but at least once a day.
  • write about your experiences and methods for data submission in a blog post with images and documentation of your process and outcomes.
  • This is also an opportunity for you to practice building APIs and communicating with them with small, client side applications.



I knew I wouldn’t have time to do this assignment until Sunday but I really wanted to build my own API from scratch, and spend some time learning more web-based programming. So Wednesday I downloaded and started running the data-selfie-app to have the bare bones, and getting in the habit of checking in.

To remember taking pictures I put a note in my calendar at 10.30 am and pm! The blog-post picture is from the app.

I still need to clean the data-base from pictures of Joey! But now I know how to do that using Postman. So I will do that later this week.


I spent all of Sunday (3,5 hours) doing the awesome tutorial Joey (thank you!!!!) had made for building an app from scratch

I’m not going to post a picture, because I followed the tutorial to the point, so see the tutorial. However, I learned so much! I will continue to build from that, so my next post will show what I learned!

So today, Monday, I have actually spent all day doing more web interfacing and sending data over OSC in another web-app. No database stuff… but I am no longer adverse to npm commands in terminal, python server or node.js. It feels great!



  • Even with the note from my calendar it is hard to self-track! And also, I have to admit, I hate selfies, so doing that was extra difficult. I am still having difficulties thinking about what I want to self-track, but I need to come to a decision soon.
  • I had difficulties where the database would not immediately update with the pictures, so sometimes I had to take the picture several times before it actually took one, and sometimes when doing this I ended up talking a lot. I don’t know why this is?
  • I will edit the projects I have done over the next week, since I actually have time this week!


In other notes, I went to this event, which showcased data driven art projects. I was trying to understand what I find interesting in relation to data-viz.

And I am definitely more attracted to projects which use external (no self-tracking) data to generate new output. There was a genius project From Point A to Point B (by Achim Koh and Wonyoung So) which created imaginary taxi-rides with google maps data and poetry (which I think was generated by what was actually in the picture from google streetview).

So I am definitely going to need to get more into external API’s for whatever my final project is going to be.