Motion Capture Lab #4

Acting it out – Documentation of LAB #4 

The prompt: Create 3 different interactions. Have the avatar (recorded) interact with the world you’ve created. Each scene must either have a restriction in the virtual world that must be dealt with in the physical world OR a skeleton must reveal part of its character (it has hip issues, it’s moving through a dense forest, it’s 3 years old, it’s part of the Royal family, half of its body is filled with helium, etc). Document the experience. Record & export the scene to bring into Unreal for further documentation.

We spent 2 hours in the lab. In this time we got 3 scenes recorded with 2 to 9 takes for each scene. There was no time for cleaning data.


:: NOTE: Files saved to “Week4_2pm” to D-Drive

:: NOTE: Using the OptiTrack Motive system (240fps)


The takes:

  • Pirates finding a treasure and fighting over it
  • Moving day
  • Snake charmer


The cleaned takes:

None yet!



This weeks lab was a lot of fun, but also a realization of how long it takes to

  • get a good shot where the markers are not too occluded (fighting scenes, pushing, carrying around a box (rigidbody).
  • of time spent directing non-actors.
  • of coming up with scenes BEFORE coming to the lab! since a lot of time was spent on this.
  • of coming up with an idea that is interesting to work with in unreal afterwards.


This week I’ve been very excited about the prospect of tracking rigidbody positions along with the actors.

We shot

  • a flute rigidbody
  • a box / treasure chest


I have not implemented it in unreal – waiting for this weeks lab on how to do the rigidbody tracking in unreal.


Process videos: