Final project idea

For my final in Homemade Hardware I wanted to create the control system and lighting on pcb boards for my thesis. The lights that go on the leaves of a robotic plant. But now with the corona virus, I am not sure the thesis will take the form of a physical prototype, due to potentially limited access to machines. If it does, I would like to make my thesis, so I don’t take too much time away from that…. but oh that is so uncertain. I also fear this project might be too simple for Homemade Hardware.

So here is my other proposal, I want to try to make a wearable version of this circuit for recording magnetic fields from Makezine (link in bottom of post). I want to use this in my Sound in Space final performance, so it will be a nice project anyway.

I have this modular wearable sleeve I made in another class. Where, currently, an LED indicator shows the strength of me pressing on a velostat sensor (in my hand), using a Teensy. I want to replace the Teensy with a custom board that does. I bought a USB charger to go in my pocket to power it. I don’t want to use batteries.

I want to make a board that goes onto the top instead of the teensy, that will allow me to record and resample magnetic fields while I am playing music on my laser harp. I want to try to hook the circuit up to the existing velostat sensor as well, so perhaps I can manipulate the sound by pressing the sensor. I assume changing the resistance of one of those resistors might have that effect.

The onboard IC is an OPA2134. I wonder if this comes in a mini version? I also might have to order this, I don’t think ITP has any.

Also, this circuit will definitely include at least two through hole components, the two capacitors that function as microphones, so there is a certain size it will need.

I want to add to the circuit, an ATtiny, that will provide direct LED feedback on the signal. So I will need to measure the volts in the existing circuit, and convert that to feedback. And a switch to turn the signal on/off.