#4 Ambisonics

Since COVID-19 is making everything… erhhh interesting… I am thinking of things that could be interesting to generate from the home.

I really liked the technique Gabe demonstrated in class with generative sound using random functions to decide drums and notes, so I have been wanting to think of a performance I could do from home. Also, the performance aspect is a big part of why I decided to join this class, and even though there is a pandemic, and I am doing thesis and 18 credits like a crazy person, that won’t stop me from doing a performance in my living room, now will it. I really do want to move this class beyond just getting the sound tech to work and doing experiments, and then not having the time to create a piece.

This means I have been trying to align all of this into planning a final project, and this afternoon I was able to get the ambisonics from (https://www.envelop.us) to run on my computer with Gabe’s demonstration file.

I haven’t had much time the past two weeks with thesis approaching crunch time with the Quick and Dirty show tomorrow. But I have ordered all parts to make a version of this circuit for recording magnetic fields around my home from Makezine (link).

I think doing a final performance / sound piece about the actual sounds of technology that keeps us sane/connected is what I need right now. So I will be building this electromagnetic microphone this weekend and trying to sample the sounds. All of this is new to me, but it should be a fun break from thesis.


I am thinking I will make a beat using the random method Gabe showed and then sample the sound directly into the computer and have it chop up the sound and pan it around as thought the computer is a partner in the music creation.

I am not sure whether to do the sampling in Ableton or max? Which handles live chopping of samples best? I’m thinking of granular synthesis for instance? Or are there other cooler methods.