Light moments

This week I have been thinking about natural light phenomena as viewed through clouds (clouds as diffusers). I have not had time to do DMX experiments yet.

I am posting two examples of natural light diffusion through clouds, taken around the same time but two different days. And two very different cloud covers. I won’t comment further, since we will be analyzing in class.

And here is an experiment I made with creating Lumia for my thesis, where I am testing a diffusion by bouncing light into brass.

and a outdoor light in the neighborhood where two different color temperature bulbs have been used – just a fun moment that hurt my eyes after taking this class…

Finally. This “minimal vibrancy” lamp popped up on my facebook feed as an ad. I’ve been following Jason Yung (ITP alumni) work in the same direction on instagram, and this is the first time I actually see a consumer lamp like this just consisting of a single led rod, pointed towards a wall. This had me thinking more about diffusion methods. It would be great with a resource of different diffusers.