Komorebi, final project

For my final I have tried to create Komorebi, that reacts to the ITP weather sensor. I have been fascinated … More

Light in empty spaces

Zohreh shared this on her Instagram this week and I think it is one of the most beautiful light moments … More

Movement sensor tests

As a reminder I am researching advanced movement sensors for use in my thesis as described here: http://itp.louiselessel.com/2020/04/new-final-project-idea-advanced-movement-sensor/ I have … More

Light moments

This week I have been thinking about natural light phenomena as viewed through clouds (clouds as diffusers). I have not … More

#4 Ambisonics

Since COVID-19 is making everything… erhhh interesting… I am thinking of things that could be interesting to generate from the … More

Intelligence in nature

A collection of videos and other ressources on research within intelligence in nature. This is a living blogpost – while … More